Investment Approach

Motte Partners is a private equity investment firm that seeks to acquire and build niche, lower middle market companies in the engineered products and business services sectors. We strive to contemporaneously provide business owners an operational succession plan and a financial exit.


We are long-term, patient investors, focused on sustaining your legacy and building a company of enduring significance.

Our Name

In Texas, our name, Motte, refers to a small grove of live oak trees.


The live oak is a sprawling tree that is prevalent throughout the southern U.S.  Live oaks remain green and “live” throughout winter, when other oaks are dormant, leafless, and appear dead.  In addition, they develop a deep, extensive root system that grows for decades.


The live oak symbolizes our patient investment philosophy, family office heritage, and desire to build businesses of enduring significance.

Our Mission

Motte Partners will generate superior, risk-adjusted investment returns by creating long-term value, driving sustainable growth, and building lasting industry relationships.


Motte is guided by our founding principles of integrity, trust, fairness, and discipline.