Investment Criteria

Motte seeks to acquire and build niche industry leaders in the engineered products and business services sectors. We look for opportunities to create value by accelerating growth through operational improvements, industry best practices, and M&A consolidation.

Company Characteristics

  • Defensible, niche leadership position
  • Differentiation that could support above-market growth
  • Consistent historical growth and profitability
  • Recurring demand or consumables
  • Strong margins (>15% EBITDA margin) and free cash flow generation



Sector Focus

  • Engineered products
    • Highly-engineered, proprietary
    • Mission-critical to their processes
  • Business services
    • Value-added solutions
    • Critical to customers’ operations


Transaction Dynamics

  • Founder, management, or family-owned company
  • “Fixable flaws” where our operating resources can create value
  • Retiring owner(s) seeking an operating succession plan and a financial exit